Digital innovation for a better world

The world is changing rapidly. Four Dimensions helps companies to keep up with the pace of digital by delivering their innovation from within. With a bag full of experience in the ‘traditional’ consultancy business, we aim to tackle our customer’s challenges in a fresh way. With our sleeves up, our hearts open and our minds in the here and now, we devote our passion and talent to create value in a digital world.

Why Four Dimensions?


Create strategic impact

Four Dimensions works on an executive level with its customers. Allowing you to gain insight in the long term ambitions of the organization. And leverage your contribution at a strategic level.


Become the best version of yourself​

We aim to develop communities of practice so we can learn from each other. On a personal level we help you to discover your authentic Self. All of that in a safe context, with lots of fun!


Work in multidisciplinary teams

We always work at the customers’ site. But you are not on your own. Surrounded by colleagues of different maturity levels and various expertise, you deliver what others thought was never possible.


Get your share of the profit​

Although profit is not a goal on itself, we realize that the financial health of our company is crucial to fulfill our dreams.

We’re more than glad to share the company’s profit to all the ambassadors of our team.

Want to be part of the team?


Product Owner

You connect with customers to envision innovative digital solutions.

You lead a multidisciplinary team to deliver and launch to the market


Business Analyst

Bringing customer needs at the center of your solution is your mission.

Designing simple and enjoyable solutions with your team is your daily job.


Software Architect

You drive the design and setup of reliable and modern enterprise software architectures.

You have a pragmatic approach to technology, always putting business value first.


Delight Consultant

Your sparkling creativity turns ideas into compelling visual stories that delight customers and employees.

Through authentic interaction you connect teams, customers and partners.


Your Talent

Do you have the feeling that your talents don’t fit in any of these boxes? No worries, let’s connect and discover your unique talents and purpose.

Get in touch

Niki is more than happy to get to know you and answer all of your questions.

Just drop her a line and she’ll get back to you.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Niki is more than happy to get to know you and answer all of your questions.
Just drop her a line and she’ll get back to you.

Get in touch