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Are you someone who loves making a difference, not just in building solutions but also in shaping forward-thinking strategies? As a Solution Architect, you’re not just at the center between the business, end clients, and the engineering team, but you’re the catalyst turning ideas into workable, successful solutions.

Your Profile

  • Deep Knowledge: Experience in software engineering with broad knowledge of design patterns and a background in software development is a plus.
  • Strategic Thinking: You’re not just technology-driven but also understand organizational possibilities and consider budgetary limitations, aligning each choice with a clear business driver.
  • Excellent Communication: Strong communication skills are crucial, as you’re a bridge between diverse stakeholders, with a positive, structured, and problem-solving approach.
  • Team Player & Leadership: You’re a team player who can work independently and collaborate with other team leaders to provide the right value in each project phase.
  • Responsibility & Initiative: You have a strong sense of responsibility and take initiative to keep things on track, even in challenging situations.

Why Work With Us?

  • A Central Role: You play a pivotal role in finding and designing the best solutions for our clients, based on their needs and strategic vision.
  • Diverse Challenges: Your tasks are diverse, translating essential processes into concrete solutions and moderating complex discussions between functional and technical stakeholders.
  • Impactful Communication: Presenting solutions with clear pros and cons in the short and long term, confidently addressing management teams.
  • Strong Collaboration: Maintaining good relationships with diverse stakeholders at clients is a key task. Gathering their input in time to shape the best possible solutions is your forte.
  • Responsibility & Growth: As a point of contact for queries and advisor to clients, you work closely with project/program managers to monitor projects and signal potential hurdles early on.
  • You speak Dutch and English fluently.

This is waiting for you

About us

We are Four Dimensions. We’re a co-creation company for digital innovation. We collaborate intimately with our customers to deliver digital solutions that surprise them in the way we combine 4 dimensions in one holistic view: Business, Solution, Technology & Organization.

Our strategic advice goes beyond symptoms by looking at an enterprise as an ecosystem. We deliver digital innovation from within to help companies step into a new future. Through our work we want companies to reinvent themselves by embracing all business opportunities that digital has to offer.

Our values

We are a young but experienced company with a drive for digital innovation.

Not only for our customers, but also for their customers. We are committed to make an impact! We do it Together, with a curiosity to get to know one another. But we are direct, we say like it is. We are reliable, you can count on us to deliver. With a touch of love, we make it fun!

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Employees and contractors are welcome, as long as you are ready to make a long-term commitment & impact on our customers.

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