Technical Lead

As a Technical lead at Four Dimensions, you are end-to-end responsible for the technical architecture and delivery of a product for the client.

About us

We are Four Dimensions. We’re a co-creation company for digital innovation. We collaborate intimately with our customers to deliver digital solutions that surprise them in the way we combine 4 dimensions in one holistic view: Business, Solution, Technology & Organization.

Our strategic advice goes beyond symptoms by looking at an enterprise as an ecosystem. We deliver digital innovation from within to help companies step into a new future. Through our work we want companies to reinvent themselves by embracing all business opportunities that digital has to offer.

Our values

We are a young but experienced company with a drive for digital innovation.

Not only for our customers, but also for their customers. We are committed to make an impact! We do it Together, with a curiosity to get to know one another. But we are direct, we say like it is. We are reliable, you can count on us to deliver. With a touch of love, we make it fun!

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Your new challenge!

As a Technical lead at Four Dimensions, you are end-to-end responsible for the technical architecture and delivery of a product for the client. You understand the business context, and you quickly envision creative but pragmatic technical solutions and deliver the most value as soon as possible.

You take the technical lead in a multidisciplinary team, to ensure that the technical solution is everything the customer hoped for, and more.


  • You feel comfortable to work together, in a diverse team. To be direct, but to admit if you’re wrong.
  • We can count on you; you radiate energy and love to have fun!
  • You’re a curious co-creator, love a good challenge. You love to dig deep to find the real cause of any problem.
  • You feel confident in taking the lead in a development environment, from understanding the business context, designing a technical architecture, translating technical challenges to the business, guiding a technical team towards the qualitative release process.
  • You want to have impact.


  • Work as a hands-on lead with strong software architecture and development experience in Web application and API/Micro services within an entire software development lifecycle.
  • You have a good understanding of non-functional requirements and can translate these in pragmatic technical solutions.
  • Work collaboratively with product owners, technology partners to understand and clarify requirements
  • Provide technical leadership, driving and performing best engineering practices to initiate, plan, and execute large-scale, cross-functional, and company-wise critical programs.
  • Good understanding of UML and able to read and translate a domain model in technical artifacts.
  • Continuously improve the architecture and quality of the code
  • Explore and prototype new technologies to incorporate into the development effort.
  • Agile product development methodology have no secrets for you.
  • You speak Dutch and English. French is a plus. You are an excellent communicator.
  • Have a good understanding of design patterns and good software development practices: loose coupling, CQRS, queuing, unit/end-to-end testing, etc.


You have experience working successfully with teams to deliver projects.

A significant experience in enterprise application development using the Microsoft stack (.NET Framework/.NET), relational DB systems (SQL Server, Oracle, …), web-based development technologies like JavaScript, front-end framework, etc.

You have a master’s degree (or equivalent by experience).

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Employees and contractors are welcome, as long as you are ready to make a long-term commitment & impact on our customers.

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